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A great show that will be talked about for some time to come.

All magic shows are not created equal!

Chances are your older children will have seen some pretty lame magic shows when they were younger and that may put them off wanting to see "not another magic show!" THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE SHOWS!!

Year 5 and 6 children are always pleasantly surprised at the level of engagement and fun they have at these shows. Michael is not doing magic to the children, he's doing it with them and involving them throughout by exploring storylines and themes they relate to. These include self-confidence, making choices, the importance of our imaginations, peer pressure, respect, support and more.

These are layered and nuanced performances by a trained professional, designed to keep all ages engaged.

BALLOON-MAKING WORKSHOPS are a wonderful way to empower the children as they learn and then twist for themselves. With no limit on how many balloons they can use, the children will finish the workshop, proudly walking out with arms full of wonderful balloon creations. Their parents are often sceptical at first when told the children did it by themselves!

With smaller balloons for younger children and a simplified and supportive teaching framework, this workshop is accessible to children as young as 3 years old.

All supplies and equipment are provided as part of the workshop.

  • A different show every year. That means children are not seeing the same show over and over and over.
  • Shows are age-specific and appropriate. All shows are customised to the 5-12 years age group and designed to appeal to all levels of understanding.
  • A visit from Mr Bamboozle requires no preparation. All props, backdrop, and portable PA supplied. Just build the excitement and get the children ready for fun and new skills!
  • Lots of fun extras. Posters and flyers as well as artwork and a blurb for your program are provided when you book.
  • Photos and short-burst video – by staff – is encouraged.
  • Custom-made unique giveaways ensure the memory of the show lives on. These are related to the show and each child gets to take them home. These are designed to get the children talking and cooperating together after the show and are a positive and fun reminder of the show.
  • Lots of audience participation. These are not passive shows – the children will be required to assist both from their seats and the stage throughout the show.

Three Great Packages

With a variety of magic and balloon-making packages, there's something for everyone's taste and budget. Click below for more details.

Wonderful show that the kids are still talking about!