Wide eyes and big smiles - online!

Booking for December now - spaces are limited!

See the FAQs below for more information

Our children absolutely loved your show, they were glued to the screen and doing all the actions!


How many children can attend the show?  As many as you like.

How many devices/screens can we use?  You can use one per booking.

How do we pay?  You’ll receive an invoice soon after you’ve made your booking. Payment is by EFT unless other arrangements have been made.

When is payment due?  Within 14 days of receiving your invoice and at least 3 days before the show.

If we have to cancel, can we get a refund?  You can get a full refund up to 7 days before the show.

When do we get the Zoom link?  This will be emailed to you after receipt of payment.

My organisation won’t pay until after an event. What should I do?  Let Mr Bamboozle know and you can make other arrangements.

For what age-group are the shows best?  They are best for preschool-aged children, but all children (and grownups) will get something out of them.

Aren’t there security/safety issues on Zoom?  We’ll be using the webinar format, so the only one with a camera on will be Mr Bamboozle. Also, all participants will be verified as an early childhood service provider.

How many other providers will be at the show?  That depends on how many book, but spaces are limited.

Will we be able to see the other service providers.  No – only Mr Bamboozle will have a camera on.

How much are the shows?  All costs are listed on the booking page at the link above.

If I book two shows on different days, will I get a discount?  Of course – just select the two-show package on the booking page.

If I want the show on more than one screen and I book another show for the same time, will I get a discount?  Of course – just book the two shows separately (using a different email address for each) and the discount will show on your invoice.

I registered with the wrong email address. What should I do?  No problem – just email the correct address to Mr Bamboozle and he’ll make the change.

The children have been lucky as they are watching you on a big theatre kind of screen so it’s like you are almost with us!